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 Trade/Personal Vending Shop

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PostSubject: Trade/Personal Vending Shop   Sat Jul 12, 2008 12:23 pm

Players can use the Trade Window to trade items with other users.

Select the Player you wish to trade with then use the Trade skill
located in your skill window. Place the item(s) you wish to trade to
them by clicking and dragging the items from your Inventory to the
Trade Window. Check and Verify the item(s) you wish to trade
then click Confirm, verify the trade items in both windows
then click Exchange.

Sell your items using a vending shop.
Use the Vending skill in your Skill window. You can name your shop by
editing the top part of the Vending skill window "Character
Name's Personal Shop". Drag and place the items you want to sell
into the Vending window. You can then set the Price you wish to
sell at as well as the Quantity if available. Press the Start button
when you are ready to open your shop.
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Trade/Personal Vending Shop
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